About clinics

Clinics are a content type that generates an event-like output with bookable time slots for website visitors.

Clinics could be used for flu clinic appointment booking, community drop-in sessions, etc.

Currently supported options

Overview settings

  • Hide from clinics page – choose to hide the clinic from the clinics page
  • Overview – an introduction / description of the clinic
  • Address of clinic – if different from the main practice building, an address can be specified
  • Clinic notes – information that is highlighted to the user, presented as bullet points

More information on overview settings

Date / time settings

  • Date – the date that the clinic will be held on
  • Start time – the time of the first appointment
  • End time – the time the last appointment finishes
  • Appointment duration – the length of a single appointment
  • Number of appointments – the number of appointments per time slot
  • Reservation time limit – the amount of time that an appointment is temporarily held for

More information on date / time settings

Pre-screen settings

  • Minimum age – if there is a minimum age for the clinic
  • Patient requirements – checkboxes to show to users before being allowed to progress

More information on pre-screen settings