Opening hours and adjusted opening hours

Opening hours are displayed on your homepage and on your about page. Adjusted hours are specific dates that your practice is open or closed on.

You can add days to your list of opening hours, and specify an opening and closing time for each day. With adjusted hours, you specify specific dates that your practice is open or closed on, and the times available. These hours will be displayed in-place of your normal opening hours, and are useful during dates when your practice will be closed on a day when it is normally open (or over a period like Christmas / New year).


You must be an administrator to change these settings.

Go to the practice settings page, and then go to the “Site-wide settings” tab.

  • Press the “Add new day” button to insert a new row.
  • Day: choose the day of the week the hours apply to.
  • Open on this day?: If your practice is open or closed on this day.
  • Open from: the time the practice will open on that day.
  • Open to: the time that the practice will close on that day.

For the adjusted hours, additional options can be set:

  • Adjusted opening hours notes: A brief message for your adjusted hours.
  • Revert to standard hours: a date when your adjusted hours will automatically toggle off, and revert to normal hours. This is useful if you might forget to switch them off.