Resetting a user password

In the case where a user is locked out of their account and not able to reset their password, a Practice staff user or highter can do this for them.

  • Log in with your website account
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the “Users” tab in the left-side menu
  • In the upper-right, add in the email address of the user you want to locate, and press “Search Users”
  • It will return one result, hover over the row and press “Edit”
  • On the “Edit User” screen, scroll down to the “Account Management” section (just under the profile picture)
  • Click the “Generate Password” button, then copy the new password to a safe place
  • Important: scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Update User” (if this step isn’t done, the patient won’t be able to log in with the password)
  • The password you copied can be emailed to the patient directly, and they can use it with their email address to log in
  • Encourage the user to change their password via the Account -> Change password menu.