Search intervention

Search intervention is a system that looks for searches that may be related to suicide or emergencies.

The system comes pre-populated with a list of terms to detect, but you can add or remove any terms as you wish. Whenever a website visitor searches for something, the list of terms will be checked, and if it finds a match, it will output an additional block of information.

For suicide results, it will output a link to the NHS Inform website, and the phone number for Samaritans.

For emergency results, it will output a prompt to dial 999.


  • Enable / disable the suicide / emergency intervention: turn the intervention systems on or off. The fields below these settings will be hidden if this setting is turned off, however the values will be retained for future use.
  • Suicide / emergency result fuzzy thresholds: a number between 65 and 100 that will be a percent value of how much a user search term matches an item in the term list. Fuzzy thresholds are set to determine the how accurate the users search term matches an item on the term lists. The default value is 80, which means an item in the term list will need to be at least 80% similar to the user search term for it to trigger the system.
  • Suicide / emergency term list: a list of terms to detect.