Alert banner

The alert banner is a great facility to enable effective communication of your important message across all pages on the website.

The banner appears immediately below all page titles (except from the homepage where it appears below the service blocks). On pages that are not the homepage, the banner message text will be collapsed to save screen space. The banner title and button will remain visible at all times.

How to configure the banner

You must be an administrator to complete this task.

The banner is configured in the Practice settings section, then the “Alert banner” tab.


  • Show alert banner: toggle on or off displaying the alert banner. Turning this setting off will hide the banner and fields below, however the field values will be retained should you wish to turn it on again in the future.
  • Banner style: change the colour of the banner. Choose from red, yellow, blue, or green.
  • Alert banner title: the banner headline.
  • Alert banner text: the main message text of the banner. Ideally keep this to a sentence or two.
  • Button text: the text displayed within the banner button. If this is not populated, the button will not appear.
  • Button link: where people should be taken to if they click the banner button. Needs to be a full URL.
  • Last updated: the time that the banner message was last updated.

What the banner should be used for

  • Communicating critical service information or updates.
  • NHS health alerts.

What the banner should not be used for

  • General information or news (for example, avoid using it to advertise flu jabs – use the homepage promo box instead).
  • Displaying contact details / phone numbers.

The banner will only have impact when it is used sparingly. If it becomes a permanent fixture of your website, its impact will be reduced.