Making changes to existing clinics

It is strongly recommended that you do not make changes to any clinics that have appointment bookings in them. This can lead to data loss or clashes.

The following only applies to clinics that have appointments booked (including admin reservations). If you have a clinic that has no appointments booked, you can make changes safely without any impact.

Change the number of appointments

If you increase the number of appointments per slot, this won’t cause any issues. If you decrease the number of appointments, you will need to ensure that no appointment blocks have been fulled booked. This could lead to “-1 available” for example, and you would probably need to re-schedule or cancel the booking and notify the person who booked it.

Changing start / end times

Changing the start time to earlier, or the end time to later, won’t cause any issues. If you reduce the times, you may need to re-schedule any appointments that have been booked.

Changes the clinic date

If you change the clinic date, this will invalidate all appointments.

Changing appointment duration

Changing this setting will have mixed results. For example, if you previously configured appointments to be ten minutes long, you could safely reduce appointment times to five, two, or one minute. Increasing the appointment duration is likely going to cause conflicts, and you would need to cancel appointments.

Changing the reservation hold

Changing this setting may let an appointment expire sooner than a visitor is expecting, but is otherwise safe to change.