Status codes

Status codes are displayed in place of generic error messages, and should be easy to remember.

If you have encountered a status code that you don’t know how to resolve, please consult this document.


Deer is displayed when no service blocks have been configured on the website.

Highland cow

Displayed when there is no navigation configured.


Displayed on the 404 page, when a page or content item cannot be located. This is usually caused by an incorrect URL, however if something is deleted and a visitor tries to access it, they will get this error.


Displayed when no child pages are configured on a section homepage or hub page.


The website is in maintenance mode, and all pages (except from the log in page) are blocked from being viewed by the public. Disable maintenance mode to remove this message.

Red squirrel

Red squirrel is displayed when no opening hours have been configured on the website.


Displayed when the website configuration is missing important information.


Displayed when seasonal opening hours have been enabled, but not configured.


Displayed on the staff profile page if there are no staff profiles published.