Clinic date / time settings


The date that the clinic will be held on. Currently, the system only supports single day clinics (and clinics that do not span over multiple days).

Start time

The time of the first appointment. For example, setting the start time to 09:00 will start the first appointment at 09:00.

End time

The time the last appointment finishes. For example, if you finish the clinic at 17:00 with five minute appointments, the last bookable appointment will be 16:55.

Appointment duration

The length of a single appointment. Choose from a list of appointment durations, and appointments will be generated to last for the set amount.

Number of appointments

The number of appointments per time slot. For example, if you have a flu clinic with five members of staff delivering injections, you could set this to five. Then, for every time slot, there would be five appointments available.

Reservation time limit

The amount of time that an appointment is temporarily held for. When a website visitor clicks on a time slot, the system checks that the time slot is indeed available. If it is, the system will hold that appointment until the visitor has confirmed their appointment. This setting allows you to customise this time period.